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 7 Common Overlooked Causes Of Lower Back Pain

7 Common Overlooked Causes Of Lower Back Pain

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“My pain is so much better and I’m able to do the exercise that I like to do and be an active person, which has made all the difference.”

– Julie from Talent, OR


Shoulder pain can originate in your hip. How you breathe may play a role. Let’s address the cause to cure the symptom.



Blending physical therapy techniques to balance, strengthen, and release tension personalized to your individual needs.



You’ll be taught techniques and strategies to promote self-care. Expand your toolkit for freedom of movement.

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Our Physical Therapy Approach


The body is a beautifully complex system. Some injuries are straightforward and heal with rest. Many issues with pain, however, result from years of small compensations and must be addressed in a more thorough way.

Since becoming a physical therapist in 1992 Mary Gorman has continued to study movement and the complexities of the human body. Incorporating elements of yoga, Pilates, Postural Alignment, Rolfing, and nervous system work, Mary works to assess the issue at the root of your pain and devise a strategy to address the underlying cause.

Working with Mary, your individual needs will be considered. Where is your skeletal structure misaligned? Where is one muscle compensating for another? Once the issues have been identified, the physical therapy treatment plan is built around getting you out of pain.




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