The Movement Studio | Integral Physical Therapy
Cantienica: Method for Bodyform and Posture, 
movement re-education, bodywork, pilates rehabilitation, yoga therapeutics

Welcome to The Movement Studio

The Movement Studio offers an integrative approach to Physical Therapy. Specific needs are evaluated in relationship to the clients postural alignment, musculoskeletal imbalances and movement patterns.

Through a combination of bodywork, therapeutic exercise and movement re-education, client and therapist work together to develop structural alignment, appropriate muscle tone and efficient body movement.

Therapeutic exercise includes Pilates based rehabilitation, yoga therapeutics and other techniques inspired by expert teachers in the field of movement education.

Bodywork offered is a unique blend of techniques including RolfingĀ® structural integration and subtler forms of release work.

Call (541) 535-7019 for a free 15 minute consultation, information, or an appointment. Most insurances accepted. Download Intake Forms (PDF) for Physical Therapy sessions.